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The Land Connection and The Residential Connection has been specializing in selling Land, Farms, Cabins, Oil & Gas Rights, Distinctive, and Residential Properties with Acreage in all of Pennsylvania for over 50 combined years.

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Why sell with us?

  • After review of your property, we put together an evaluation using similar properties that have sold, the amenities your property has to offer, and our thoughts on selling your property.
  • After submitting our evaluation to you, we then sit down or communicate via email or phone to prepare a contract with details on the property, where it will be marketed, and the price the property will be marketed to the public.
  1. Brochure/Flyer: A high quality brochure is prepared in color with all the details, including pictures, maps, property type, info, and an extensive amount of details. We place an info box at the property location with these professional grade brochures.
  2. Advertising: We extensively advertise in all as aspects of the market, i.e. Print (newspapers), Internet sites, Social Media, Large Road Frontage signs, and mailings and email blasts to a very large growing interested buyer list.
  3. Signage: Install signage (Large signs near Road Frontage) with directional arrows. Signs will be placed at all intersections relevant and leading to property. Our signs are approx 2’x4’, attracting the utmost attention. Professional grade with attracting details, allows the buyers to attract to your prime investment.
  4. Flyer/Brochure Mail Out: We also utilize a large clientele following, some buyers still utilize traditionally mailings, all properties are categorized in our data base, it allows us to send out brochures, and flyers to past inquires and buyers. Making them aware of every opportunity that may come about through our advertising.
  5. Print Advertising: We advertise extensively in many venues, please call or email us, as we have built up a excellent advertising packet we prefer to share this with clients ONLY we would be honored to share these tactics.
  6.  Social Networks: On the leading edge in marketing Real Estate, not only through publications such as numerous newspapers, the internet, but also numerous social networks such as Twitter and Face book.
  7.  The Internet: Post to Several Websites-Includes Industry Specific Sites-Please call or email, as we only share this information with our potential clients.
  8.  Networking: All of our properties are listed on MLS, allowing other realtor’s to help promote, and sell your property. We are a member of two MLS Boards to better serve your property needs.
  9.  Showings: The Land Connection will schedule all showing dates, we walk through with every buyer, showing them property lines, and all aspects of the amenities. Previews will be approved and confirmed by seller before showing.
  10. Cameras: If your property is very desirable in regards to recreation such as hunting. The Land Connection has utilized useful tools such as game cameras and DSLR’s to help market client’s properties on today’s market. Marketing a property to its fullest potential, by utilizing as many tools as possible have enticed buyers to buy sight unseen.
  11. Videos: We take a video of your property to capture every aspect of your property, and allow buyers to see every aspect of your property inside and out. The Land Connection has expanded to utilize aerial drones for aerial video tours of your property. *Used for educational purposes only
  12. Timber- Does your property have timber value? Timber value is also a factor when evaluating your property for marketability and price. If we feel there is an added value with the timber, we would have a professional prepare a timber cruise. This allows buyers to know approx what the added value is in the subject property. Allowing them to be fully aware of their investment, and assisting the seller with the most amount of money.
  •  Are you asking the question? Should I cut my Timber?
  • Does my Property have timber value?
  • Please call us today to assess the value of Timber on your property and effects of cutting or leaving when selling
  1. Oil and Gas Rights: We have a wealth of knowledge regarding your Oil and Gas Rights, Dustin is extensively involved in the Oil and Gas Field, professionally working with Companies, and landowners. The Land Connection can assist with the sale of your Oil and Gas Rights, and/or Surface estate.
  •  Is my property in an area of Interest?
  •  Can I just sell my Oil and Gas Rights?
  •  Is my Oil and Gas Rights Worth Money?
  •  Should I sell my Rights or Royalties?
  •  Can I hang on to some of my Oil & Gas Rights?
  1. Subdivision: Some properties greatest value is subdividing the property in smaller pieces or plots. As we know more buyer can afford less acreage for more money per acre. We have been involved in numerous subdivisions and can walk you through it step by step or we can take care of it for you. As we activity work with numerous surveyors, Sewage Enforcement officer and local and county authorities. If your property is fit for subdivision we may recommend this as aiding in maximizing your land or farms potential.
15. Farmland: If your property is deemed highly desirable in terms of farming, we have great success in market properties in such a nature. We obtain FSA tillable acreage maps, soil maps, possibly soil samples, and marketing your property to its highest potential regarding its productivity. Helping Buyers determine classification of soils and its productive capabilities will help yield a higher price for you property.   Few steps we take to ensure your property is marketed a step above other properties on the market.
Specialized Commercial Farms: IE: Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Hog, Veal, Evergreen/Deciduous Nursery:
Growing up in the agricultural community and having the opportunity to sell numerous properties used for commercial operations. As we market the property with viable information for buyers in example of: Income? Yield? Rate of Return? Or assisting in coordinating potential buyers with contractors interested in filling contracts in terms of veal, poultry, or hogs. Weather your dairy operation is a parlor or stanchions or your farm is large or small; we can assist in selling your property on the current market.
 Why Sell with The Land Connection and The Residential Connection:
    • Honest and Trustworthy Service
    • Real Estate is Our full Time Business
    • We take the extra steps, that the ordinary real estate business does not do
    • We develop a complete information packet like no other
    • We check signs and clean weeds, and snow around our signs, verify brochures are still in our info boxes.
    • We strive for 100% satisfaction
    • You are our client, we thank you for hiring our service
    • Professional

    Product Knowledge

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